Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Standing Lace Doily Done

I finally got it together after several hours of agonizing over how to stitch the pieces together. It looks fabulous and I love it. Well worth all the problems I've had with it over the past month. Each design takes around an hour to stitch out..and that's if your stabilizer works with you. I ruined a few of them.

I need a pair of applique scissors and hopefully hubby will take me to Lincoln tomorrow to get them. I've cut away the fabric as much as I dare with a regular pair of scissors.

My Sapphire 870 is AMAZING. It had no problem going through all the lace. I don't think my Janome 6600 would have done it as well using a small zigzag. I've tried using the 6600 before on a project that had thick seams and it choked up.

I love the Sewing Advisor. I had it set at medium fabric but it just didn't sound right. Plus the needle came out twice and I broke another. I set it to heavy and amazingly it worked!! No more problems. I still keep thinking the advisor is just a gimmick, but it's real. I love that the foot lifts up when you stop. It made going around the curves a breeze. No messing with a knee lift or the pressure foot lift.

I love that you don't have to hold on to the reverse button. Just press it and it goes backwards. I love the control I get with the foot pedal and the machine makes the most amazing looking stitches.

Did I tell you I LOVE this machine?? It's so nice having a machine you love. My Janome 350e is amazing as well. It sews out beautifully.


Gina said...

So you love your machine then. LOL

Seriously the doily is gorgeous and well worth all the stress

love and hugs Gina xxx