Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Flower Power" rose

Started working on the petals for my "Flower Power" class.  The yellow fabric is WAY too thin.  I didn't know that when I bought it.  It's a beautiful color.  

The photo:

From Quilted with Love

The fabric:
From Quilted with Love

The first layout:
From Quilted with Love

This is as far as I've gotten.  You can see how painfully thin the fabric is. Taking a picture also helps to see where I need more shadows and highlights, now that I have it online. For a first attempt, I figure I'm doing pretty good. I LOVE the background fabric and the contrast between the flower and the background.

Any ideas? 


Andee said...

I am loving this so far...very creative and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Gina said...

It's fabulous

Love and hugs Gina xxx