Thursday, February 26, 2009

Organizing Quilt Patterns And Embroidery Designs

I've collected hundreds of designs since starting machine embroidery.  Most can be downloaded making it even more tempting.

If you are new to machine embroidery..or even quilting.  You have to have a place for your designs/patterns.  I put my quilting patterns in plastic sleeves in alphabetical order into a 3-ring binder.
I have a separate binder for all my QuiltUniversity Classes.  

I have 2 binders of machine embroidery templates.  When I buy the designs, I print them out full size for placements with color charts and have them by the set, IE, Art Nouveau Floral Blocks. 
My designs are also on my computer and backed up on CD.  Always back up your designs on CD so if your computer crashes or your USB stick dies (I've killed 2) you still have them.

Here's how I organize my designs:

My beginning folder is labeled "Embroidery"

In the subfolders, I list all the online stores I purchase through.  Emblibrary, A Stitch A Half, Oregon Patchworks, etc.  Forget "Flowers", "Christmas"..too general and vague for me.

Under the online store, I list the designer I bought the design from.  IE, Oregon Patchworks, Janet Sansom.  Under the designer, I put the set I bought.  IE, Blackwork Designs.

When I do a project I have an index card with the project, "Art Nouveau Floral Squares", where I got them, Emblibrary, the numbers, a list of threads I used, Madiera Rayon, and the fabric.  Kona Cotton Natural.  Then I stick it in with the templates.

From Embroidery Designs
I started doing this when I had changed colors from the patterns and couldn't remember which colors I had done.  If were to do the design over, I'd be guessing.