Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creating A Bargello Quilt In EQ6

I had a lady ask how to make a bargello quilt on EQ6. Her email address was under no reply. If you change your settings in blogger, it's easier to respond to you.

It's actually really easy to create a bargello quilt.

1. Go into EQ6 and set up a new project.

2. Go to the "quilt" tab and select "new quilt". Select Vertical Strip Quilt from the dropdown menu.

3. Go to Layout tab and you will have vertical strips. There is a menu off to the side that has more information. Delete all the strips but one. Under width, put 2. Under length, put an even number in. That will make it easier to have even numbers of blocks.

4. Under Select A Strip Style, click on "Pieced Blocks". If your number is even, you won't have gaps. Ie, 30 inches put in 15. You can see the picture off to the right. I haven't deleted the other strips so don't panic.

5. Put a checkmark under Clone the selected strip

6. click on Add and keep adding strips until you have what you want as in the picture below. You now have a template to play with.

7. Now comes the fun part. Play with the strips by sliding the width slider over each strip. Small strips make taller peaks. Wider strips makes the fabric appear to come forward.

8. To create a peak that is visually pleasing, add the same width on each side of the peak. If your peak measurement is 1 inch, on each side add 1.5 inches and move outward. You can see the variations of the widths of the blocks.

Go to Layer One and start adding fabrics on a diagonal. You can go up or down. If you don't like the width of the strips, change them until you find a layout you like.

I just played with a few colors and ideas to get the idea.