Friday, February 27, 2009

"Rhapsody Quilts" By Ricky Tims

I raided JoAnn Fabrics today while in Lincoln.  They had 40% off their quilting books and I came home with this:

From Quilted with Love

Now, I have a hard time getting excited about quilting celebrities.  I don't know why.  Jealousy?  Envy?  I think it's disappointment.  You do all this great work, yet you refuse to share the good stuff.  You show off your stunning quilts in magazines or in books, but don't really explain how you do it.  There are no patterns, no hints. 

Or if you do give a pattern, it's one I've done already or can easily do.  That's partly why I don't buy patterns/magazines/books anymore.  Yawn.  Been there.  Done that.  If you do a show, it's basic boring stuff that I already know.  Sometimes I think they just do stuff to promote the company and not what they want.

I have to eat my shorts with Ricky Tims.  This man is genuine.  I figured this book was going to be about showing off all his quilts with some bare hints on how he did them.  Or go on and on about why he chose this or that fabric and how wonderful he is.  Or go off on how if you don't own a Bernina you are a loser. 

He shows you EVERYTHING in this book.  EVERYTHING.  From basic design elements, to a master template,  expanding the size, designing the applique work, all the way to the finished project.  He wrote in a way that made you feel important.  That he really cared about your ideas and wanting you to finish the pattern.  He didn't talk over you or under you.  

Thank you Ricky.  I will treasure this book.