Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Dingle Dongle"

This was a few weeks ago:

I about burst out laughing at the dealer when she talked about a "dongle" when I purchased the Topaz and software.  What the heck is a dongle??  Of course my mind is in the gutter and I'm thinking, "Dingle Dongle".  Sigh.  Now every time I hear/read the word dongle, I giggle.

After I set up the 4D Extra software (which was a huge PIA) I'm guessing a dongle is an external hard drive.  A very expensive hard drive.  I'm still learning the software and find myself using Embird and just downloaded "Ambassador", a free version from Micropulse.  As far as I know, 4D Extra and Embird don't give separate color layers to print out, since the Topaz doesn't have a touchscreen.  Ambassador does do that.  

My only gripe about software, none of it is made for the Mac operating system.  Good thing I have XP on the other side of my hard drive.

Sigh.  Now I'm giggling again.