Thursday, December 08, 2011

Freezer Paper Issues?

First off, are there ads when you come to my blog because I didn't put them there.  If so, how do I get them off.  I don't have "monetize" on nor have I ever enabled it.  Has Google started doing this w/o our permission?  Not happy about this.

On to the blog post.....

Did the people who make freezer paper change their formula?  When I iron the paper onto the fabric it doesn't stick and if you spray starch the whole piece practically falls apart.  It's driving me nuts.  I used to be able to press the freezer paper with ease and use the same piece over and over despite using starch.

The brilliant plan was to cut out all the applique shapes on freezer paper with my Cougar cutter for the "Red December" quilt.  Then use my iron/starch to press the fabric over.  Instead it's just making a gooey mess.

The other plan is to cut out the pieces on plastic templates, but if I starch the piece, all it does is make the template slippery and ruins the design.

Of course, the original plan of just doing it by hand works, it's just slower.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

cant' answer your freezer paper question but I don't see any ads on your page.

Anita Estes said...

I don't see any ads on your blog. But the "followers" are not seen either. Blogger has problems quite frequently. Eventually they are resolved. The key word is eventually.

Have you tried dry ironing two or more sheets of freezer paper together - opposite directions - before cutting out the design?

Barb said...

I have seen this as just doesn't stick as good as it use to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany, Did you get rid of the Janome Horizon? I checked out your blog before I bought mine. Still not sure if I love it after a year and a half. But, what to do, what to do.