Friday, December 30, 2011

Assembling "My Tweets"

I've been working on the satin stitching of "My Tweets" so I could get blocks done and work on the last couple of blocks.  Erin put up the finishing directions and I realized I'm going to have to make some big changes.

1.  My center panel isn't 30 inches.  It's 26.  I think the original pattern had it at 24 but I can't find it to make sure.  I wish she had said something.

2.  She has the blocks at 15 inches and while mine are larger so I could cut them down, I'm not sure how to make it work with a 26 inch inch block.

3.  If I understand the borders right, they are cut at 10.5x90 inches with them mitered.

I did play in EQ7 but couldn't find the right setup and if you did a custom design, it wasn't working very well.

So, do I:

Cut out the borders (they are appliquéd and I really don't want to resize) and make the rest of the blocks fit with sashing?  I just can't figure out the math for some reason.  From the 90 inches, I'd take out 20 inches (10 on each side) leaving me with 70 inches square to work with?

However; when I take the four blocks that she has cut out at 15 inches (14.5 inches finished?) and the 5 inches of sashing I come up with 63 inches, not 70.

I put a post up in her Yahoo! group.

I haven't taped up the border blocks yet to check the distance to see what it really is.  I guess I should.