Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Spent last Sunday night in the ER.  I'd been feeling sick since Thursday but chalked it up to the "just not feeling good" theory.  By Sunday night around 11:30pm I started cramping over in pain.  My first thought was my appendix and headed to the ER.

ER is 1/2 mile down the road and by the time I was there, I was really doubled over.  It felt like labor pains and that scared me.  I'm not pregnant.  I can't get pregnant unless there's some kind of miracle and if I was having a miscarriage I'd be bleeding.  Other thought was ectopic pregnancy but again, I can't get pregnant. All kinds of thoughts race through your mind when you start thinking about what's going on.  It would kill me to find out somehow I had gotten pregnant and lost a baby.

The nice part about rural hospitals is that there's never anyone there so I got in right away.  The bad part is that there isn't anyone there.  Doc said I needed a CT scan.  However; they had to call in the guy that does the CT scan.  Then they wanted to use a dye to see better and had to set that up.  One glass, wait 45 minutes, another glass and wait 45 minutes before they can do the scan.

Nurse gave me some morphine and DH and I waited until I could do the CT scan.  Umm.  Can't they just use an ultrasound machine to figure this out?  The nurse said they don't have an ultrasound machine and then they'd have to hire a tech to use it.  Yet, you somehow have a CT scanning machine and can pay that guy?  It's a conspiracy as you'd make more money off the CT scanner right?  I could have been out of the ER within an hour or so with the ultrasound machine, but no...you kept me ALL friggin' night for the CT scan.  You can charge more for the time as well.  

The guy comes to do the CT scan.  It has to go to Lincoln.  They have to wake someone up on their end to read it and send back the results.  Geesh.

Why can't this happen during a WEEKDAY so I can hit a regular doc, get an ultrasound and go home?

4am comes along and the final verdict is that an ovarian cyst ruptured and that they found another one.  I get handed some pain meds and they send me home all nice and drugged out.  I'm told I can't drive under Vicodin (duh) as it would be considered a DUI.

Good news after seeing a regular doc is that it's all good and there's no sign of cancer.  Just keep an eye on it and go from there.

Can't wait to get the bill for this.  I shouldn't complain too much.  If it was a big city hospital, it would have been 4am by the time I was even seen.


Barb said...

Sorry you had to endure such pain....get well soon!

Sue Daurio said...

Oh man so much for getting in right away. Well glad to hear there's no cancer. Hope you heal soon.