Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I hate glue.  Part of me wants to head to Lincoln, hit JoAnn's and find some scrapbooking glue.  Or glue that doesn't take 10 hours to dry or warps my project.  That entails filling my my car @50 bucks, using half of it for the trip just to spend a few dollars.  Ughh. 

I've spent hours making this box.  Oh, cutting it out was easy.  Press "cut" on the software and you are done.  It took me forever to figure out the inside part of the book.  The YouTube video kept stopping on me before it hit the box and there are no written instructions in the downloaded file that I could find.

The front isn't so bad.  I love the front part of the book.  It needs some berries and twigs that I seem to have lost.  Even the box that fits into the book looks great. I allowed to use Roxanne's basting glue for these?  Or would any form of moisture dissolve the glue?  That stuff is amazing.  I even caught DH using it to glue up the corners of his DVD box sets awhile back.  You know, he's actually been very well behaved.  Something is up.

I used my Cougar cutter for the oval with the circles in it.  Every one of those circles is a circle.  Not kidding.  Those are not hand punched.  I cut out the book cover with my Cricut and it totally messed up the four corner circles.  Now that I've figured out my Cougar cutter, it's been worth every penny.