Saturday, December 24, 2011

Getting There

I started going through stuff.  I'm one of those crazy people that organize fabric via specific color.  It's not just "red" or "blue" or "yellow"  It's gold-yellow, yellow, red, red-orange, orange and so on.  I pin the color on the fabric and then put in bins according to the color wheel.  Then you run into the problem of re-arranging fabrics when you add new fabrics in.

I do this because some fabric colors aren't what they seem.  When you see "red" and it's really more "orange", it doesn't work with it's opposite, a green.  Oranges and blues are opposite and once you put that fabric in with the blues, it works perfectly.  Your quilts become more colorful, vibrant and blend better when you know it's true color.

It's still a mess with sorting fabric.  Then I thought about what my DH would say if I asked him what to do.  His advice would be, "You know, no one is going to see your stash or care how meticulously you organize it.  It's just going to get messed up every time you raid it.  If you want to match a color, wait for your project, take out your book and do it then."  Translated in man language that would mean, "Stuff it all in bins and don't worry about it".

You know what color each fabric is.  Don't obsess over it.  So I just stuffed everything in bins and figure when I go looking for fabric for a new project, I'll still be good.  I dumped out some fabric and feel better.  Plus, it's an excuse to go buy more fabric that's not 10 years old.

If you are wondering why I'm doing this on Christmas Eve instead of doing some celebration, it's because there isn't anything to celebrate.  I have no family close by.  I'm a hermit with anxiety problems.  Having anyone over would give me a massive heart attack.  It's just been a nice quiet day.

After organizing DH and I started watching a 1978 Japanese series called "Monkey" that was broadcast in England when he was a kid.  I despise dubbing and Japanese/Chinese movies are the worst.  Once I got over the terrible dubbing, it's a pretty good series.  If you lived in England during that time period it was a very popular show.

Now he's watching "633 Squadron" that I found for 5 bucks on Amazon.UK.  It was on the Military Channel about a week or so ago and screamed "widescreen" the entire movie to enjoy the planes.  US version was overpriced and crappy copies.  It came today and with his region free DVD player he's enthralled.  If you or your loved one loves WWII movies, this is a great one.  They haven't put classic WWII movies on Blu-ray yet so I'm glad I could find this DVD for him.