Saturday, December 24, 2011

I have a problem.  It's bad.  I had no idea how bad things were until my daughter asked for some drawers to stash her crafting supplies.  It's been ten years in the making of this problem and it's not going to get better.  I need intervention like that one show about hoarders so I can fall apart while someone else goes through my stuff.  

I admit it.  I'm a fabric hoarder.  I'm a book hoarder.  I hoard thread.  I buy patterns knowing I'll never use them but can't resist.  I've got quilt stencils I've only used once.  Homemade stencils of patterns I've designed but will never get around to making.

I fell for the knitting fad and have stuff in the hopes of making a pair of socks.  Anyone want to make me socks?  I have really, really, really nice yarn.  Even knitting needles and the books to make them.  I just don't have the ability to count.

I can't bear to part with any of it.  It's the "I Might Need That Someday" syndrome.  I have A.D. projects.  You know, the "After I'm Dead" project my kids will never finish.  If you don't believe me:

That's only ONE drawer of scraps in trying to do Bonnie's way of organizing.  I'm not about to spend hours cutting all sizes of strips and squares.  I don't even think my Go! Cutter would make that easier.

Surprisingly I only have a small stash of magazines.


So, some questions:

1.  If you really aren't going to use the little scraps are you allowed to toss them?

2.  If I put some of this stuff up for sell via my blog or (gasp) Ebetray would they sell?

3.  How do you know what toss or keep?  Some of this stuff is 10 years old.

4.  Will it really be emotionally okay to give it away, sell it, or toss it?

Back to the basement to help my daughter.





Amy said...

There is a hoarding giant in me too. I won't bore tou why. But, last year I bagan the task of weeding through the stuff and it felt great. Someone had given me a box of fabric pieces. So I added a few things and took it all to a charity that makes homemade items such as quilts and auctions them off for relief efforts. It was good to see the items go somewhere that would put them to good use. And I got part of my basement back. Otherwise, it would all still be in boxes or bins. I think emotionally it was hard too. But seeing the joy of the recipient and not the sadness of the separation will be the key. I just did the same with my spare sewing machine which I never really connected with. But the receiver has connected with it and she is sewing up a storm. And I got some space in the closet now. Hooray!

Jsoosay said...

I think this is a problem all quilters have. I've been known to buy things and flat out say I'm never going to make it I just want to look at it. I do however think it's perfectly ok to throw scraps away. I hardly ever keep mine unless I know I will actually use them for something. As for the rest of it. I think each of us knows what we will actually use or work with and what we won't. I go through my stash 3 or 4 times a year and get rid of the things I can. I use a lot of them for gifts and swaps in the guilds I am in.

Karla Hartzog said...

I don't think your stash looks so bad. It'll keep till day after tomorrow, anyway. Then you can have a second Chritmas, going through and finding things you forgot you had! Now, I'm a fine one to talk, I just bought, "Organizing for Creative People." I'll let you know if I find anything helpful in there! Merry Christmas, Bethany!

Heather spence said...

Deep breaths! Take deep breaths!!

Yes. It's okay to throw stuff away. Another option is posting stuff on Craigslist or freecycle that won't sell. (I've done that...including scraps. It's amazing what people want!)

And yes, you won't go into emotional withdrawals when this stuff is gone. As a matter of fact, you'll feel lighter and less burdened.

I promise.

I did it. :)

~ h

Anonymous said...

Find a friend that would like to learn how to sew and give her your scraps to make her first quilt...than find another friend and do the both will have a blast and it will help destash your stash...also try making a Lender & Ender quilt with your stash. then you will be making two quits at once. make small quilts and donate to the animal shelter. Good luck...and go on a NO Buy in your closet.