Thursday, January 26, 2012

Smash Books

I LOVE this concept.  I bought one for my other daughter on Tuesday and the three of us have been adding pages.  I went to Michael's and came back with all these fun stickers/sets.  I knew as soon as I saw the ruffled rhinestones and laces that was going to be my front cover page.

This one is mine:

This is my oldest daughter's :

And my youngest:

You can tell we each have our own unique ways of decorating the front covers.  No rules, no reasons, just do what you want.  I've never scrapbooked because of needing every page to be perfect.   My youngest is still doing her front cover in sections.  

Here's a page from mine:

It's not finished, but was playing with the idea of a bike page.  I wanted to put all the trails I've been on and how far I've gone over the year.  I couldn't find the other two maps right now, but will when I find them.  I found a tattoo site that had bike chain rings all over them, imported into SCAL3, printed it out and used my marker to scribble in the design.

What I want to do is use my Cougar cutter to cut out several different designs of them, ink them up and glue them in.

My youngest has had the most fun:

This is her superhero page:  I found the stickers and she fell in love immediately.

A glue gun is still not my friend.  At least I haven't burned my fingers yet; just made a gooey mess all over myself and the table.  


Barb said...

What fun!!