Monday, November 08, 2010

Beta Tester For Honda?

Betsy (my CR-Z) gave me a scare last night..LOL.  All my cars are named "Betsy".  Don't know why, I just do.  I figured I'd head to Wally World 20 miles away and try the cruise control in economy mode.

I'm cruising along doing 64 mpg about halfway there and all of a sudden the battery level falls down two bars (halfway) and stays there.  Being hybrid retarded I completely panic.  I have visions of the car completely losing battery power leaving me stranded or the car limping along while a semi truck runs me over.  Betsy stayed at that level all the way to Wally World doing a beautiful job of going up/down hills.  If I understand the 4 trip mpg setting (3 previous trips and the one you are doing) I was doing about 45 mpg on this trip.  I drove it in economy all the way home and only managed under the 40 mile bar.

I didn't tell DH about the battery thing.  This morning I went to drive it and the battery was back where it normally sits so I figure all is good.  There are days when I wish I was mechanically inclined and knew what I was doing.  At the same time, given my record, I'd ruin the warranty.

Maybe I should be a beta tester for Honda and see how fast it takes me to"push the limits" of the car battery before the warranty runs out.  I bet Honda pays more than the AccuQuilt company does..LOL.   No..I don't get paid and I'm probably Accuquilt's worst nighmare.  It's a running joke because I'm too hard on stuff and "push the limits" of whatever item I've got in my hands.  My replacement Go! Cutter is still in it's box unopened as I figure they don't need to replace my replacement.  I don't think the new baby Go! cutter would make it past the first day in my hands either.

As it turns out, I have the only black CR-Z in the state of NE when I talked to the dealer.  He bought a silver one, there is still a TOL silver in the lot and it appears none of the other Honda dealers have sold a CR-Z yet when he checked the stats.

Maybe it's a good thing DH thinks the car is his.  That way if I manage to wreck something, I can play dumb and have him think he did it.  I'm not sure I should drive the car in cruise now.  Truthfully; car dealers (and sewing machine dealers) aren't that sympathetic when it comes to warranties.

This car rocks though.  Once I get the hang of how to drive it, I'll be more sure of myself.