Monday, November 08, 2010

Horizon FMQ Test

I was getting dizzy using my walking foot to get around the star blocks so I thought I'd see how well this baby FMQ through flannel and if I can keep a relatively straight line doing it.

The lines going around the star points are the walking foot.  The horizontal line is mine using the FMQ foot.  Not bad for a first time.  Tension is great and I only had that slight wobble..sort of.

I haven't done any quilting (only piecing) for almost a year now so seeing that the Horizon does really well is inspiring.  I used the APC setting and the open toe foot.  I'm not sure I like the open toe as I don't really have a reference point to guide me.  I should try out the marked foot and see how that goes.

I didn't have to fight the quilt too much for control either and that's a good sign.

The true question is do I use the walking foot and keep turing all the corners or go for the FMQ and get it done sooner.  I still need practice doing FMQ straight lines.