Friday, November 12, 2010

To Dumb To Use A Smart Phone?

Ahh..the joys of being manic.  It's a wonderful high but it left me buying a Droid Incredible the other day.  Now the question is, "Did I just kill my phone bill?"  Yeah..but how much? as my account doesn't make any sense.  If you know anything about smartphones, data plan billing and what is a "fee" even though it's included, let me know.

Here's what happened:

Since I've had a car I realized I needed a phone to keep in touch w/my kids.  DH has my old one and we got unlimited calling for 70 bucks a month instead of the basic plan I've been using for about 3 years.   We talk every night while he's on the way home.  He uses the Bluetooth feature on the CR-Z which is amazing.

On Sunday, we are at best buy and I ask about family plans.  The guy told me for the same price DH and I can share 700 minutes.  Cool.  I add him to the plan with his own "dumb" phone. While the BB guy is ineptly trying to set up the phone, I take a look at the other phones and debate whether or not to upgrade to a Droid and choke up 30 extra bucks a month..70+30 is a hundred bucks and figured that was feasible.  It would be more adding in taxes and crap.  I can upgrade any time I want and was tempted.  I figured if I have to have a data plan, I might as well get a real phone that uses it.

Wednesday I had to run to Lincoln to get the oil changed on the Santa Fe and stopped in at Wally World to look at a purse.  My "hooker" bag just was way to big and I couldn't find anything.  My kids and DH call it a hooker bag because it's that shiny cheap leather vinyl and is huge.  I found what I wanted, basic black boring bag and went over to the electronics.

Sigh.  Wally World has a Droid Incredible and I bought it.  After a few days I LOVE the phone but I'm terrified at what is included but is actually an extra fee and what Verizon will do to sneak in billing charges because of it.  DH didn't get mad I bought it and said I could keep it.  Wow..I thought he'd be really upset.

When I checked my account, it said I had used 589 of my 700 minutes.  Huh?  I know I switched over 3 days ago, but did Verizon pull a fast one and had my 700 family plan start from the last billing cycle instead of on Sunday?  I'm glad I checked so I don't call people outside of Verizon right now.

Then of course there are the activation fees.  I thought we paid for DH's fee at BB and the guy at Wally World who had me set up within a few minutes said Verizon would bill me for activating my Droid.  I don't see them on there.  I never thought Wally World would get something done so much faster than BB.

When I looked at the account under "plan details" for my phone it says monthly access charge 60 bucks and under DH's it says 9.99.  So what gives?  Is that the 70 bucks for the family plan?

I'm unclear about the data plan.  If I leave the phone on all day (in sleep mode) am I using data?  Or is it counted when I actually open the web or do stuff?  Unlimited is actually limited to a certain Gigabyte..I think it's like 5.

Since I can't itemize my see where I'm at right now for a number, I don't want a huge surprise when I get my bill other than activation charge(s) and all the tax crap you pay.  The "Oh..I'm sorry, you used this feature and it's 2.99 a minute and you were on for an hour" crap.

My only problem with Verizon is that they are so expensive and nickel/dime you to death.  The problem with the other carriers is that they don't cover where I live.

But..I adore my Droid.  I think it's so much better than an iPhone.  Using the web is so much faster than my home computer.  Until I get my first bill, I'm almost scared to use the data part of it not knowing what is an "extra" and what is included.  I did have to put a passcode on it so my kids don't play with it.

Ohh..I figured out how to get songs on it and made "Jump" by Van Halen my ringtone.  Sweet!


Amy said...

I have the Droid Incredible. I had some problems when they updated the operating system but they replaced the phone at no charge to me. I love the data part of the phone. I use it all the time. No extra charges on our plan which sounds similar to yours. Our first bill from Verizon came separate. Mr Nice Guy got his phone a couple of weeks before mine. They sent us a bill but he didn't yet have service active. We waited and activated both phones at the same time. Anyhow, the charges were broken out between the two phones. I called them on it and they gave us a credit for the overcharge. Sorry that you don't have other choices because I know Verizon is more expensive. We did have Sprint and it was cheaper. Mr. Nice Guy couldn't get very good service with Sprint at his work place which was frustrating for him.