Monday, November 08, 2010

Using the Circle FMQ foot On The Horizon

I put on the FMQ foot with the guide and worked around the star block.  I was impressed as the red marks are accurate and the foot glided over the quilt despite the bulkiness at the corners.

The biggest flaw?  No diagonal lines.  Do I dare use a Sharpie pen and mark the lines in there?  Worst that happens is I have to buy another foot.

I was doing pretty good and then realized something was "off" and the machine was fighting the thread.  This is why I despise Mettler thread:

This stuff is the WORST for FMQ and I should have remembered.  That's what I get for not quilting for while.  I'll just use the walking foot for this quilt now.  I've used too much of the thread to start over. the Janome company..PLEASE make it so the machine knows when the bobbin thread runs out so I don't sew for the entire length of the quilt w/o knowing it.  Maybe Viking has a patent on this as none of the other companies have this feature.


Anonymous said...

I have a Bernina that doesn't indicate bobbin thread running out either. I think it is absurd a machine costing thousands can't do this simple task. Last week I saw a new Babylock that does. The dealer said it tells you when you have 18" left, plus the bobbin is visible near the throat plate so you can see it.

mille said...

The husquarna viking saphire beeps when bobbin thread runs out. I did buy the horizon anyway though :)

marie said...

My PFAFF lets me know when the bobbin is running out.