Sunday, November 28, 2010

"No Thru Traffic" Please

Remember the semi truck picture from the other day?  While walking by the other day, my dad noticed the "no thru traffic" sign sitting down the sidewalk and put it on top of the table.  Then we watched the reactions of people when they walked by.  Everyone burst out laughing when they saw the sign.

The Droid takes pretty good pictures.  Now to figure out the zoom in/out function.

BTW, my Droid saved me 60 bucks on a Christmas present today.  I have two bar code readers; one for and another for checking the surrounding areas.  Local Wally World had the item for 179, had it for 159.  Then when I checked the surrounding areas, Best Buy had it for 119.  Sold for 119.  Sorry Wally World, you wouldn't price match and 60 bucks is a lot of money.

The stores have to hate this feature.  I'm surprised I didn't get chased out of the store.  If your smartphone has this feature, use it over the holidays.  This app is invaluable.



Jackie said...

Which bar code reader apps do you have? I'm interested in possibly trying this out.