Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shredding Thread Issues

Anyone want to buy a Janome Horizon??  I've been cursing mine for two days now.  I KNOW it works and I KNOW it's user error, but I can't figure out what is messing everything up.

First off, I ran out of bobbin thread and went around 3/4 of the way not realizing it since it's dark thread on dark fabric. *bangs head*  Really; for a 3000 dollar machine, it should have something.  This is the second time it's happened and while I know to check, this is a big flaw if you are doing large quilts.  Then the walking foot started throwing fits and not moving the fabric evenly.

I gave up, went to the Topaz that doesn't need a walking foot to fight and will let me know the bobbin is out and finished up the borders.

Next, the Horizon won't FMQ to save it's life.  I'm using 50wt brown thread and all it does it shred it.  Now, normally that's a needle issue but I've tried different sizes and it's still shredding thread.  I changed the tension.  Same problem.  I switched off the single needle hole to the zigzag.  Nope.  Still shredding.

Okay..test the thread on a different machine to see if it's the thread.  Nope.  The thread works beautifully on the Topaz and finished the design in a couple of minutes.    

I wonder if the Topaz will shred the 40wt thread.  The design almosts look to lightweight with the 50wt and maybe a heavier thread would stand out more.


Deanna said...

Some days nothing goes your way. I'll bet that you are back in love with Janome soon and quilting beautifully.

Joanne said...

I am new to your blog and was reading about your machine troubles. Chris (at http://quilt-talk.blogspot.com/) has the same machine as has been having problems too. There are some defects with the machine - maybe that is the problem.