Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cardinal Quilt Picture From LQS

I cycled 23 miles on Saturday with DH.  Woo Hoo!  He wanted to see the flooding and we followed the newly opened trail all the way to the start.  Sadly, it doesn't go near the river but we had a great time going up and then back.  Surprisingly I'm not a walking zombie so I must be in better shape than I thought.  Does cycling up grueling hills in 95 degree temps for 5-6 miles over the summer equate to 23 miles on flat terrain and 65 degree weather?

I was able to get a picture of the "Northern Cardinals" quilt that one of my LQS has on display.  I love how she did this:

I'll put some blocks up soon.  I have to redo a couple and keep sewing them.


Rhonda said...

Any cycling, in my book, is a great thing and very healthy... good for you and hubby.
Love the Cardinal quilt. It's very striking.

bharatbook said...

Yes cycle is very good for health and very good option exercise