Monday, October 03, 2011

Late Design Wall Monday

I have pics of the "My Tweets" now.  I'm still not done and will have to redo two blocks that didn't fuse right. Here you go with the satin stitching.  Check out Judy's blog for more blogs.


I found this shirt and couldn't resist.

BTW, if you happen to have a retail store bike it's all good.  It's just a funny shirt that I couldn't resist.  Love whatever bike you have regardless of where you got it.  I haven't had the courage to walk into Wally World with it on yet.

My wireless sensor went out on my today on my Madone.  I'm guessing I did around 5 miles.  I only stopped because it was getting hot and between pedestrians and cars, it just wasn't safe for an inexperienced rider like me.

I tried out some new energy gel called GU energy gel to see how it worked.  I'm not into energy drinks and specialty products but with cycling you need something.  The last thing I tried was some fizzy stuff that made me puke when I got home after one sip.  This stuff wasn't too bad and kept it down the entire time I was out.  I had DH try some and he was the one gagging on it.  It was pretty funny watching the look on his face.


Kate said...

Beautiful blocks!

bernie said...

Your blocks are very pretty, I love your color choices. Sounds like your bike riding is going well too. No designated bike lanes I guess? Bernie

Marié said...

I love your blocks- I am doing mine by hand and is still busy with the centre block.