Monday, October 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I am one block short of caught up with the "My Tweets" blocks!  I've been working on satin stitching this weekend with my Ruby as well until I ran low on several thread colors.

I went to my LQS to get them and realized my Mettler silk finish 0900 didn't exist in her store which of course is the one I'm really out of.  I would have to go to Papillion to another store as she has all of the threads Mettler makes.  The last thing I want to do is travel 60 miles for a 3 dollar spool of thread.  If I needed other stuff I could justify the trip.  I figured I'd order online but the shipping for one/two spools of thread is more than the thread.  I guess it's cheaper than using up all that gas though.  I really despise Mettler thread but it's local and easy to get except for 0900.  If I can, I get Aurifil.  I love my white cone of thread from them.  I think it's something like 5500 yards.  Those are hard to find as well.

Here are the blocks:

This one needed redone as I messed up the first.

Block Nine:

My LQS mentioned the bike trail is now open as the flooding has gone down.  Guess who's going after this post?  If you hear wheezing, a loud crash and some moaning, that'll be me down the ravine or tossed into the cornfields.  Don't worry too much.  I have my cell phone, emergency contact info, and my brain bucket.

edited:  NOOOOO.......  They open the trail for the first time today and as I loaded up everything I realized it was dark out where I was heading.  It's RAINING over by the trail.  The bike gods must truly hate me right now to do this to me.  It's been fine all morning until I decide to load up everything and head out.  Frickety Frack...

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