Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My dad is doing great.  Thanks for all the support.  100+ stitches but he'll heal up just fine.  He's lucky he didn't take off half his head being so stupid.  I know everyone is laughing at him and I can see the humor in it, but I'm pissed off that he was even using a chain saw.

After talking with my sister, I found out he had no protection (brain bucket and other stuff), was alone across the street in the field and didn't have a cell phone on him.  He headed home bleeding all over and if it wasn't for a passing stranger who stopped and called 911, he may not have made it home.

If you are going to play with big boy toys, you better have the safety gear to go with it.  You better have a buddy with you in case something goes wrong (and it usually does) and a cell phone to call 911.

When cycling I make sure I have a cell phone, let someone know where I'm headed, all the crap you need in case your bike falls apart, a helmet, and basic food/water supply.  I have a few dollars and medical info for emergencies.

Enough ranting.  I love my dad and I don't want to lose him.


Lynn said...

Glad to hear he is recovering. We all do things we know we shouldn't and sometimes older adults (don't know how old your father is though)think they can do the same things they did when they were young. Reactions are slower and accidents happen.

Take care,

Karla Hartzog said...

Merciful Heavens Bethany! I am so glad your dad is recovering. I have heard of several people hitting knotholes and burls with chainsaws and the chainsaw "jumped" and cut them. Kick anybody who laughs at your dad. Thank Heaven for that passing stranger! Blessings on your dad and you, too!