Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I haven't posted since standing at an ironing board hurts my back and makes fusing fabric really hard.  It's like my lower back is sinking into my hips and butt.  Even sitting down to iron hurts.  A kitten doesn't help either.  Last thing I want is Buttons to burn herself out of curiosity.  Both of my cats go bananas when I sit down to sew hoping they can dig through the drawers in search of bobbins.  Their favorite game is drop them in the tub and play hockey.  You can hear "plink", "plink", "plink" for hours.

I didn't do my back any favors when I cleaned up three bikes a couple of days.  Putting them on the bike stand and taking them off wasn't helping and even though I was sitting down on a chair to clean them, my back still aches.  However; the bikes ride beautifully after a good chain cleaning.  It's like when you clean out your bobbin case of lint and threads and your machine runs beautifully again.  Which reminds me I need to do that.  Satin stitching makes a huge mess of lint in your bobbin case.

Hopefully I can get another post up soon with some pics once I feel a little better.


Giles said...

Hi Bethany, I just stopped by (finally catching up!) to say thanks for following my blog through the Men Quilt Too! competition. I followed you back but it's taking me my own sweet time to start writing some comments back :)

Hope your back is on the mend. I'm hoping my recent iron injections will leave me feeling like your freshly-cleaned bikes! Not sure iron in my blood will help with actually doing the ironing though!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - it's amazing that you were helping set up computers for low vision folk... I'll certainly give you a shout if I come across any quilting techniques II find tricky and maybe you'll have some cunning ideas :)

My cat Maggie loves "helping" withquilting and sewing... if you listen to Quilter in the Gap's podcasts (http://gapquilter.blogspot.com) you'll find an interview with me in the latest episode (October 5th) and I talk about the cat quite a bit, haha... there's some photos of her lending a paw too!