Friday, October 14, 2011

Catching Up on "My Tweets"

Woo Hoo!  A real post for once.  An energy bar does wonders.

I spent yesterday catching up on two of the "My Tweets" blocks.  Block number 10 came out today and I'll start on that later.  I may actually be caught up and can do some more satin stitching.

I hate leaves so I got out my software, deleted everything but the leaves and traced them out onto fusible webbing.  Here's the software:

Here's the tracing.  Yeah.  I wasted a lot of fusible, but I didn't feel like arranging all the leaves to save paper.  I've gotten faster with the software so it didn't take long.  I didn't trace out the birds because I need overlapping to keep everything together without having gaps.

Sorry about the lousy pictures, but here are the blocks I worked on yesterday.  I still haven't decided on the heart colors and need to finish up the flowers and small items.


I got myself a new toy the other day for my bike.  My anxiety has been really bad lately and leaving the house to ride has been really hard.  I decided I needed an indoor trainer.  You can fit your bike into the back part, put your front tire on the block and off you go.  My house is a wreck, ignore that part.  Why spend a huge amount of money on an indoor boring cycling thing, when for a couple of hundred bucks you can put your favorite bike on one?

What would be totally cool is if you could virtually hook up your bike to a system and go through trails via a video game or something like that.  Then you could watch yourself fall off the cliff down into the ravine when you didn't see the turn.  That would be more exciting than putting a movie in and pedaling for 4 miles at 10 miles an hour before your body gives out.

If you have a wireless system for the back tire (see the small black area above the pedal?) you can track your speed, cadence (how fast your turn the pedals) and all that fancy stuff.  My Android has a couple of apps for cycling but I don't know if they would work with the bike stationary.  I do have an app for heart rate which is nice.  Don't know how accurate it is, but close enough.

My son decided to try it out and went almost 40 mph on the bike for about 5 seconds.  I can do about 20 mph and my body protests a couple of minutes later.  I have to remember I'm 36 and not 15 and invincible.


Rhonda said...

I'm laughing with you on the bike ride... SMILES!!!