Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ugghh.  Nothing is working right for a layout for "My Tweets".  EQ7 is useless.  I wonder if I should put white sashing around everything to make the blocks "float" with a blue border, the appliquéd border and blue binding.

Or put a blue border around the center panel, sew the blocks, add a blue border around the blocks, add the appliquéd border and bind with blue.

If I could lay it out visually via EQ7 for the math and how it looks, it be so much more helpful.

I just hate to cut down the blocks only to have them be to small.  My biggest problem is the 26 inch center block.  would it look bad if I sewed strips 2 inches on each side to make it what the pattern is, would it look "off" and be out of proportion?  If it was done in blue would it be out of proportion?

I wonder if I have graph paper somewhere in that organized chaos of bins and bags.  I thought I did and it was actually done by 4's to the inch making it that much more useful.