Wednesday, January 04, 2012

BOM Prices?

I was at my LQS getting red fabric and she mentioned a paper piecing class.  I wander over and if I remember right it's the "Glacier Star" pattern from Judy Niemeyer.  Pretty pattern until I looked at the price for the pattern set and realized it was 120 dollars discounted.  When I questioned it she proudly exclaimed that it was an exclusive pattern and only available for stores this year as a BOM.  Yeah..cause no one else outside a store will pay that price.  When I asked about fabrics, she said the background alone was 9 yards.  I had really hoped to take a class, but not like this and at such a high price.  

Out of curiosity I checked online for the pattern.  According to Judy's site, it's an exclusive pattern just for the stores but I found the pattern on other sites for around 60 dollars and a kit made up for another price.  Too bad I can't wander in with my 60 dollar pattern set when the class starts in a couple of weeks.  

Then I found another site that wanted 181 dollars up front to take this class and then get charged 33 dollars a month until the class is over.  No refunds.  It didn't say whether or not part of that was price was fabric.  I'm hoping this was paying for a teacher's time.

Just to be clear, I have no problem paying a teacher good money for her time in a class.  It's hard work and I know that.  What I don't like is being charged a fortune JUST for the pattern.

For other suspicious quilters out there, is there some of quilt Mafia for paid BOM's setting these outrageous pattern prices?   There are dozens of BOM beautiful quilts as I did some Google searching but I'm not about to pay double or triple for a what it should really cost for me to make it myself or even what I think a class should cost.

I just want to say thank you for those designers that make their BOM patterns reasonably priced, fun and entertaining.  There are so many talented ladies out there and you are truly loved and appreciated.  Don't stop doing what you love.


Jackie said...

Hi Bethany, I can understand your frustration. I actually am making that pattern right now and will be a Judy Niemeyer certified teacher in July. The retail price for the pattern set is $60. The reason for this price point is that Judy includes all the foundation pieces and very detailed instructions for each technique that is taught in the pattern. It is meant to be a Technique of the Month and should run for 6 months. As far as the discrepancy in pricing for kits, classes, and patterns, I am imagining that is an individual shop thing. Your frustration is totally understandable. That said, Judy does price her patterns quite reasonably for the work that she puts into them. Having made many of her patterns they are well worth the retail price. It is too bad that some shops are charging more than that. But don't let that discourage you from trying her patterns. They become very addictive and are well worth the effort. You can see some of the patterns of hers that I have made on my blog, and I also stock her patterns in my online shop. Hopefully, this comment is helpful to you!

Carrie said...

I am also working on the Glacier Star! I will let you know that I actually work for Judy and have used several of her patterns, but was still very impressed when I started working through the Glacier Star pattern. Everything is so organized, laid out clearly, and provides such beautiful results. I'm guessing that the shop that you wandered into is not a Judy Niemeyer Certified Shop. The Certified Shops are the only ones that Judy will wholesale this pattern to. Therefore I'm guessing that the shop in question purchased their patterns at retail price from a Certified Shop and are marking them up accordingly. While $60 may still seem spendy I have seen other BOMs in this range such as the Civil War Tribute BOM from Marcus Brothers. I have found both of these programs to be well worth the money . . . and that is something I don't say easily! :)

Sue Daurio said...

wow that is a gorgeous quilt! Now I don't work for Judy but I have done a number of her quilts and they are amazing. I think the pattern with the foundations is definitely worth it. I also did purchase a kit which was over 300 for the pattern and fabric, but it was a wedding quilt for my daughter. And I have to say worth every penny. It's not one of those quilts that you make 5 of in a year, but if you have a special occasion, it's well worth the price for a Judy kit or just the pattern.