Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Years Resolution

I don't make resolutions or serious goals, but I do have this one:  I hereby plan to stay out of the ER forever.  Just bury me in the back yard.  It's cheaper.

I know the US has terrible health care problems even with insurance but the last straw was charging me 3000 dollars for a 5 minute CT scan and another 1000 dollars worth of charges for the bill totaling 4000 dollars.  I'm still responsible for 800 dollars of with insurance.  All for a burst ovarian cyst.

How to help the cost of health care?  Reduce the prices of tests, scans, and every single part that got suck in me that night.  It costs me 525 dollars just for showing up.  I don't know how much I've spent last year between a concussion, (I didn't bother with the second one) my left side going completely numb to the point of slurring and being confused, going to the ER for smoke inhalation and finally this.

Now to happier things:

I've been working on my "Red Christmas" appliqué some more.  It's looking better and better as I'm more skilled and it's been easier.  The pattern is emerging and will be truly beautiful.  Maybe I can get it done within my lifetime.

I'll do the circles between the flowers later.  It's been nice to sit next to DH while he watches TV at night.  We watched Russell Crowe's version of Robin Hood the other night.  It bombed at the theaters, but I really enjoyed it.  It's a prequel to the Robin Hood story we all know and that's probably why it bombed.