Monday, January 16, 2012

Smash Book

My Smash Book came today!  It took me some time to decide how badly I wanted one.  I'd gone through several stores including Barnes & Noble looking at books and realized I didn't like any of them.

These are worth every penny.  I love the hardback, the small binding, the papers and the pen/glue stick works really well.

Here's my first page:

I used my Cricut to cut out the swan and the swan corners with one of the cartridges I own.  My daughter suggested adding sequins on the feathers/wing and in the centers of the corners.  Not sure I like it, but for a first time ever doing something paper creative, it works.  I plan on adding around it with words/sayings about being beautiful.

I just wonder if the swan needs more decoration.  The page needs more "bling" to it.

I plan on doing a page about my bikes.  I wish they made stickers of bikes that weren't cartoony or childlike.  Maybe I need to steal a bike catalogue from my LBS and cut out pics of my bikes.


Barb said...

I have just gotten in to doing cards and stuff. I do handouts for the young women at church but that was about it.