Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I did the unthinkable.  I'm sure anyone who has been through this, knows the agony of making a difficult decision.   I've debated for a couple of months about selling my Madone 4.7 (bike in my profile pic) but after my ER visit, I need to sell her.  She also needs a better home with nice clean streets and paved bike trails and I can't give her that.

I put her up for sale on Craigslist yesterday.  I have no way of shipping her out of the area or I'd put her up on a bike forum.  If no one responds I guess she's meant to stay at my house.

My main reason to sell her was to get a Pugsley or a Mukluk until the ER bill came.  They are "fat bikes" because they have 4 inch wide tires and are meant for going across snow, mud, grass, gravel and sand.  I wanted one for the rural gravel roads out where I live.  Even with my Fargo, I still slide around.

The other thought was to sell my Sapphire 870 since I do have the original box, packaging and everything else.  I don't know if it would ship in the standard Viking box though.  I don't think Viking makes the 870 any longer and have replaced it with the 875.  I always get paranoid about the shipping.  I have fears of someone paying for something I sold and the box falls apart on the way to their house.

For some crazy reason, I've kept the Go! Cutter and you'd think that would be the first thing I'd want to sell.