Thursday, January 05, 2012

SMASH Books And Organizing

I just wanted to say thanks to a couple of ladies who emailed me to explain about the "Glacier Star" pattern and how the program works as they are certified teachers.  I wish there was a trained teacher in my area for that class and that I could afford to take it.  The pattern is indeed 60 dollars.  I know my LQS isn't certified in anything except in annoying me and probably had to pay retail for the pattern.  I really only visit her store when I have too.  Again, thanks for explaining how everything works.  It's a truly beautiful pattern and well worth the money.

Has anyone heard of SMASH books?  While I'm not into the scrapbooking thing, there's a huge buzz about it over on a forum and it being the newest addiction.  I looked it up and they are hardback notebooks that you can do whatever you want with.  They aren't crappy ones with wire binding that will fall apart on you and already have pretty paper in them.  Yeah, anyone can buy a notebook, make a scrapbook out of it, and enjoy their work, but this idea seemed really cool.  However; I'd have to order one online.  They're pretty cheap, and they come with a pen with built-in glue stick, I just haven't convinced myself of it.  Mostly because I'm not artsy, cute, have tons of stickers, ribbons, and other stuff for making it totally my own.  I'm just boring and what would I do with it anyway?  My daughters would die for one though.

This is what I have for collecting quilt stuff:  Binders

I just hate looking over at ugly, bulky 3-ring binders full of stuff and wish I could make them look presentable.  Those are just a small sample of the binders I have.  It seems kind of silly to put lace, stickers, and other stuff on them for decoration.  Obviously none of this stuff would fit in a SMASH Book either.  I also hate that they don't lay flat.

So, how do you organize your patterns, classes, embroidery designs, and all the other items we quilters have?    



Anonymous said...

I, also, use the binders. A photo(s) of the completed project(s) accompanies the pattern/personal notes, adjustments, etc. I may have made in the process. Also, I include fabric swatches from the completed project, date made/given and to whom (event/occasion). I'm not bothered by how they look and reference them frequently. Doreen

Rhonda said...

I use 3 ring binders with the protective sleeves. Some of the patterns I like a lot, I scan them onto my computer then onto a flash-drive thingy.

Sandra said...

Basic three-ring binders work for me too. They serve a utilitarian purpose, so it's not important to me that they look "cutesy."