Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christmas Plans

After doing most of my applique shapes for my 3rd block I started messing with my Cricut and MTC software.  Christmas is coming up and I'd really like to make some cards and/or Christmas boxes as gifts.  I'd also love a 3-D Christmas tree.  After doing some searching I found a couple of trees I liked but will have to wait until payday to get them.  The other thing I'd like to try is putting vinyl on a tile, like a quilting design.  There are some fabulous ladies out there with stunning results with wood and tiles.

I did find a Christmas tree and cut it out with my Cricut.  My Cougar isn't needed for simple projects and I like the ease of the Cricut.  The Cricut no longer works with 3rd party software of any kind so don't rush out to buy one thinking you can do what you want.  The Cougar would have cut the small openings much nicer, but not worried since it was a test cut.  I wonder how this would look in vinyl.  I do have white for a test try.  I think the top star needs opened and two more stars added at the bottom of the tree triangle.  

I also decided to try a tutorial from MTC.  I did an aperture card with "Thanks" on it.  I have done several of the tutorials from beginner to advanced, but never get to the cutting part.  I wish MTC worked with a Mac so I didn't have to switch over.  Someday...

Well, somehow the "a" didn't cut right and my settings weren't perfect for the cutting as parts are torn, but at least I got it mostly right.

MTC is like EQ7 quilting software for paper.