Monday, September 03, 2012

Single Track and Playing With Glue

It's hot, muggy and miserable outside so it's a perfect day for catching up on "Red December".  I got the edges  neatly folded over, glued down and ready for sewing.  I can't find my circle templates right now despite looking so those will be done later.  I love how this looks and hope the topstitch works beautifully.  Three more blocks to do now before heading on to the border if this block works out like I hope.  


After moaning about how heavy my Mukluk is on the MTBR forum the other day and that I was contemplating selling it, a lady from Lincoln said she had a Pugsley and would love someone to ride with.  Wow.  Another girl with a fat bike!  I'm sorry I don't have pics.  I was so busy having fun that I forgot to use it.  Mukluk was a blast to ride on single track and I'll keep the bike.  It's easy to forget that some bikes are used for different things and the fat bike is one of them.

We agreed to meet up at the park and she took me around the trails.  It was a gorgeous day and we had the park to ourselves.  While not technical, it's full of twists, turns and it's perfect for going fast once you knew the trail better.  There are two places where you cross the creek that I would consider "expert" as the banks were steep and you had to get over the flat rocks to get back up., I'm good for walking.  We did 8 miles of single track and I forgot to set up my Strava app so I don't have a map of my ride.

What I don't get is how I sweat buckets, use up two water bottles, one filled with an electrolyte solution along with the water in my Hydrapak, and the lady I rode with had just one bottle and didn't even look hot and sweaty.

I took my bike over to the LBS and asked about my reach.  I'm finding that I keep scooting forwards and then having to move back.  He put on a shorter stem, but my reach was still off.  He put on an adjustable stem where you can change the height/position of the handlebars.  I'm now more upright and the bike rides a lot better after testing it out on the trail.  I just really need a better handle bar for long distances.

Another thing I plan on doing is getting back over to Omaha and doing Tranquility Park.  Gas is so expensive right now and I can't just go up when I feel like it as I won't ride alone.



Judy said...

The block is looking great and your ride sounds like a whole lot of fun! I had to adjust my handlebars too as my hands were going numb so I put a riser on my Stumpjumper FSR. I haven't riden any mountain trails lately, but now that it's getting a bit cooler, I hope to get out there. The climbs will be good practice for ski season....