Sunday, September 09, 2012

Thorny Situation

Grrrr.  Went out to ride my Mukluk and realized the BACK tire is flat.  The thorn bush I thought I'd managed to miss still decided to leave it's mark on me and as I discovered today, the tire.  After my last attempts to fix the front tire I seriously considered going tubeless today.  Basically you find a way to keep the tire sealed to the rim and run sealant to keep the tire from going flat.  KISS simple right?

Found a couple of YouTube videos for doing fat bikes and like the idea, but it's the sealant problems that make me leery.  You'd still need an inner tube for "just in case".  I know the LBS in Council Bluffs will send me out a tube, but it's still a pain every time I need a tube.  At 15 bucks a tire is a lot of money.  The sealant isn't cheap either so maybe I shouldn't complain so much.

I got two thorns in my leg from that ride so I guess the Mukluk fared better with one.  I should have told DH that I got bit by a snake when I got home just to watch him faint.  He's petrified of snakes.

The trip with the Fargo left me with a scraped left leg from some kind of grass when I was positioning the bike up against the cliff.  Let's see, so far this year it's been a concussion, stitches, thorns and grass.  Mother Nature always wins.  At least I haven't broken anything..yet.    

Last trip with the Mukluk I got wondering about my skills attempting this at the trail:

I took this at the bottom of the creek bed.  It's a steep hill down to the bottom and another steep hill going back up to the top.  If you got the speed right, you'd have no problems.  The rocks are pretty loose despite being larger and if you crashed, my concussion would pale in comparison.  With the Mukluk, going across would be easy, but getting up would take considerable strength.  There are two creek crossings and both are pretty steep with the loose rocks at the bottom.

This will be saved for a time when I'm more confident.

Going to get the second block pieces done tonight and tomorrow.  Pics coming soon.