Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Woot!  After 2 weeks of not getting a real ride in, finally made it out.  The group ride I did a couple of weeks ago wiped me out, then the weather changed aggravating my fibromyalgia and on Friday I picked up a nasty cold.  Sunday I messed up my ribs while reaching over and had to have my chiro push them back in yesterday.  Probably shouldn't have put a 10lb backpack on, but I needed it.

My Mukluk just loves this trail.  I just glide along over the bumps and tractor wheel tracks.  Vehicles aren't permitted, but they use it anyway.  By looking at the map I realized the trail went further south and headed out.  A couple of miles in there were warning signs were everywhere threatening to make your life miserable if you trespassed and I wondered if I was supposed to be out there.  Up ahead was the nuclear plant and realized why the signs were posted.

All of a sudden shots were fired and I about hit the ground.  I halfway expected a truck with sirens to show up, get dragged off to a security office and detained for hours while they go through my backpack.  I looked over and realized there was a shooting range across the field and it was being used.  I figured it was a good time to go and headed back up the trail.

It's been a great ride and my physical/mental health has really needed it.