Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can You Find DH's Favorite Book?

I was figuring out where to put my new book on my bookshelf and realized how badly it looked. Books sticking out and the odd shaped ones stuffed in to fit. I looked at the book I had purchased and thought about where it should go. Sigh. Time to reorganize.

My OCD kicked in and I went around collecting books. No one leaves books around while looking for ideas or relearning a technique right? I found four and added them to the collection pile. Now to organizing those books.

Quietly talking to myself I go over the options:

A. By Alphabetical Order

B. Stuff them where they fit

C. By Height

D. By Subject (that's subjective if you think about it)

E. By Author

F. In Chronological Order

Wait..that's DH's way of doing his movies. He's corrupting me. I have a horrible vision of me spending two hours looking through the books by the date they came out.

All have pros/cons and I know I'm making it harder than it is. The book case isn't very deep so the wider books have to sit in the middle where the doors open. The books don't fit all the way across the shelf and DH and I share it so the books don't fall over.

Decision made. A litle of everything BUT option F.

*All the books with the stapled spines are together.
*The long books are at the beginning.
*The Viking Books are together.
*The wide books are scattered throughout so the doors shut right.
*Everything else is stuffed in.

The finished result:

From Quilted with Love
Did you find DH's favorite book from the JoAnn Fabrics trip yesterday?

If you found "Still Stripping After 25 Years" by Eleanor Burns there in the center, you are right. I've had that book since it first came out. You know, it's funny he's never noticed that book considering the shelves above and below are his. Oh..and the CD-ROM sets next to my books.

Maybe I should point it out to him and see how he reacts. By the way, DH doesn't go to strip clubs or do anything like that, which is what made it even funnier yesterday.


Jen said...

The finished result is beautiful!

So we used to play poker for fabric strips. There are specific directions for the game. One friend left a message on the othe friends answering machine: do you have the instructions for strip poker?

The teenage son got the message and wanted to know what exactly his mom and friends were doing!!