Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Dryer..Does It Hate You Like It Hates Me?

**Thought I'd share this coupon with you if you are planning to purchase "Up" today. It's a 10 dollar manufacturer's coupon good for the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack. I highlighted the DVD part so those of you that have DVD players don't think you can't have it. It's good for any retail store. Taking mine and my 8 dollar "Monster's, Inc" coupon in for a sweet deal.

The reason I'm up so late? The dryer. There's a reason I don't do laundry. The dryer. It hates me. It knows when I'm using it and purposely refuses to work. Oh..it purrs for DH every time. He can have laundry done in a few hours. For me, it's piece of junk.

Repair man came today and fixed a belt and some roller thingies so DH was behind on laundry. I figured I'd be a sweet wife and do today's laundry for him after he went to work this evening. Almost 4 hours later, the SAME load still isn't dry. NOT kidding. I put it in for 70 minutes and it was still wet. Put it in for another 7o min and came back. Still wet so I took out the jeans. Came back 70 minutes later and everything is still wet. YES, I turned on the dryer. Put it on for another 70 min. Sort of dry so I gave up. Things are still damp but I don't care anymore.

I still have a load in the wash. DH can put them in the dryer tomorrow. It will purr for him and be dry the first time. Piece of crap dryer.

Now that I've thought about it, the only thing I can think of is that the repair guy may have turned off the gas to fix the dryer and forgot to turn it back on. That would explain why the dryer didn't feel hot and the clothes were still damp after hours of having the dryer on.

So much for trying to be the perfect housewife tonight. Well, at least I'll make DH's day with the 10 dollar Disney coupon. He wasn't expecting that one.