Friday, November 20, 2009

Crazy Coupon Lady And Organizing 1 Inch Squares

I am turning into a coupon queen.

You know who I'm referring too. The crazy lady with a handful of coupons who takes forever in front of you. She has a coupon for everything and argues with the cashier that she did indeed buy that can of cat food for her dear Snookums even though you know she didn't.

I never thought I'd be using coupons but as I've learned from purchasing Blu-rays over the past month with them, you can save some major money. I've even started printing out online coupons. With the store "money" promo going on at my local grocery store and the coupons I've printed out, I pretty much got my Thanksgiving dinner for free.

Yep. Buying Blu-rays has made me a coupon queen. Wow. So, if you see some crazy lady with a bag full of fabric and a handful of Blu-rays in your grocery store handing over coupons, that's me.

Now... am I crazy enough to cut out about 15,000+ one inch squares for the quilt I want to make?

I've been debating that since the JoAnn Fabric stripping party. I pulled out all my purple fabric and bought a yard of Kona Snow fabric to see how well I could pull this off. I haven't touched my sewing machine in (GASP) at least 4-5 mos as the bipolar depression has been so bad, so this may be a good sign.

Directions say I could strip (DH's eyes light up) this or cut individual squares and sew. My biggest concern is storage and organization without going completely mad. The last thing I need are thousands of white and purple squares scattered all over the house.

If anyone has done a quilt with a zillion pieces, let me know the best way to organize this.


Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Glad you're feeling better.

When I have a zillion little pieces to keep up with I put them in sandwich bags. One per color. Then the whole bunch of bags get put into a larger bag to keep everything together.

I number the sandwich bags (with pieces of tape) to correspond to the piece in each block. When I finish the quilt, the numbers can be removed and the bags used for the next quilt.