Friday, November 13, 2009

Nebraska State Government Helps Finish Dahlia Top

Which is about the only useful thing they've done today.

Nothing like being a little mad at your state government to get you furiously stitching away to finish your Dahlia quilt. I'll feel a little better if I vent. Pictures of the quilt are just past the venting, so scroll down if you don't care.

Let's see the proposal for where DH works:

1. No pay raise for next year and dock your pay to last year's taking out the pay raise you got.
2. Furlow you 5 days. Ohh..that's going to go over well where DH works..will explain later.
3. No holiday pay for any holidays or getting them off.
4. Giving you so many personal days instead of sick time or vacation time.
5. Something about overtime but don't remember what.
6. And some other BS I don't remember. DH works in a state prison which is a 24 hour facility. Here's where the furlow thing is really going to NOT save Nebraska any money. If you have to make each worker take 5 days off, it means you have to have someone else take that person's place. That means someone works overtime. Overtime=time and half. Since prisons have a lot of people working..that's a lot of overtime. I don't think the state can get around it because that's a federal law, but maybe they can.

If they can get away with it and you aren't going to get paid time and half and you are told you must stay, most of the guys I know will just say, "too bad" and go home. The state is on a hiring freeze. Go ahead and fire them. Since you can't hire anyone, you are just going to short staff yourself and be left with a bunch of unsupervised inmates. Have fun as they will sue for not having all their "rights" as inmates. These guys are pros at this, so be prepared for a huge lawsuit.

No holiday pay=no one will show up. Cool. I get to see hubby home for holidays.

I told DH to go ahead and call in sick for the next 6 weeks if they are going to take away sick time. He's only got years of it. Take a vacation as well and use it all up. It will be gone if this passes.

Don't know if the state realizes this, but if anyone is close to retirement and this passes, those people will retire and want their money. Fork it over.

Yeah...this proposal is going to work big time. Same with the health care BS. And I bet the next industry to fail are the health insurance companies. I'm surprised they aren't whining about this federal health care program.

I'm done whining and here's my top:

From Quilted with Love
Here's the back:

From Quilted with Love

I just need to applique it to the blue fabric now. I have no desire to sew this the traditional way.

I don't feel any better, but at least I've made some progress. Maybe I should get out a few WIPs, UFO's and A.D. (After Death) quilts to work on.


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about the changes at your dh's work...but on the bright side, the dahlia looks great!

Chris said...

The dahlia is lovely. WI gave us 8 days furlough. This fall we had furlough days two pay periods in a row. That smarts!

JenniferB said...

The dahlia is gorgeous! You are an amazing quilter.

Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

I love how the quilt is turning out.

The government doesn't have brains... it has politicians.