Monday, November 30, 2009

High On Drugs

I know this rule. I really do, but when you are high on a drug, your stupidity level rises as well.

Do not use a rotary cutter while your judgement is impaired.

Thankfully; I just knicked my finger and I've had enough judgement to stop for today. It's just a small cut, but even the small ones hurt and bleed.

I ran out of generic lamictal Saturday morning and only having 4 dollars in the bank until Wednesday used my emergency stash of real lamictal. I figured the pharmacy would give me some a few days early today; which they did. They gave me my prescription and said to pay on Wedesday.

Now before anyone panics, this month just didn't work out very well. I always plan my medication and we always make it with money. Some unplanned expenses came up, we came up short and somehow I miscalculated the days even with a 30 day pill box.

As I've discovered, there is a HUGE difference between generic and regular lamictal. I've been high since Saturday night as there is more of this drug in the regular version. The room keeps spinning and I'm incredibly loopy, increasing my stupidity. However; DH has heard some incredibly funny things that I've never told him before and won't mention here. He's been laughing all weekend while helping me around the house. I've just babbled on and on about everything in that drugged sing-song voice and glassy-eyed look.

I'll be fine in a couple of days once my body adjusts to the higher drug level and evens out again with the generic. Until then, no sewing and no cutting.

I must be doing a little better since this post actually makes sense. La-La..La..Look at the pretty fabric..weee, the room is spinning


Lynn said...

So sorry - hope you are "leveled" out soon so you can get back to stitching.