Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Strippers At JoAnn Fabrics????

After scoring big savings at Best Buy with price matching to their website, in-store ad and 18 dollars worth of coupons, I walked out with Up and Monster's Inc. for a total of 20 bucks.

Then DH took me over to JoAnn Fabrics. I forgot what DH is like in a fabric store. Get ready for some laughs while I die of embarrasment.

They had books for 40% off and I started looking through titles. DH, trying to be helpful starts pulling out books for me.

DH: "Do you have this one?"

Me: "Yes" or "No, but I don't want it" is the usual answer.

Then, while I was looking through a book, there was a shocked question of: "Does this lady really STRIP?!?!?" as he picked up Eleanor Burns' "Still Stripping After 25 Years". Suspiciously he asks, "There isn't something funny going on with quilters is there?"

He looks almost hopeful.

I don't have a chance to explain before he pulls out another book.

DH: "Hey..she's a stripper too!"

I'm desperately hoping no one is hearing this conversation as I'm choking back on laughter and shock.

Now he's furiously looking through titles and finds one about having stripping parties with your friends. Gleefully he pulls it out and asks, "Do you have like bare naked quilt tops or something with these parties?"

DH: "You know. They shouldn't have these books in JoAnn's. It's just wrong."

At this point, I was grateful I found a book I wanted and dragged him out to the checkout stand.

Sigh. Then he starts pushing the Christmas CD collection button to hear the songs while we are in line. "Stop pushing the button! No one wants to hear that", I tell him.

"But it's Frank Sinatra. Everyone loves Frank", he protests as the music blares loudly.

Finally we get to the register and pay. I dragged him out as fast as I could.

Oh..here's the book I bought:

From Quilted with Love
Each quilt is made of really small blocks. That should be a challenge. Although nothing is more challenging than taking DH to a quilt store. I also explained what "stripping" was to quilters. He was most disappointed.

On a side note:

While in JoAnn's there was an old man about 65-70 with a huge armful of yarn behind us. I jokingly asked if he was the official holder for his wife. He very quietly said that it was his. He had cut his hand and the physical therapist had suggested crocheting to gain back the usage of his fingers. He said he'd never done this before and was planning on making lots of blankets for his future grandchildren.

I never thought of crocheting as a form of physical therapy. I hope he gets the usage of his hand back.


Jen said...

That's an awesome form of therapy!! I'm glad he admitted it too!! I'm surprised daily at the amount of men that quilt. There seems to be a new one every week. They seem to be more of a Jump in with both feet and no one can tell them they can't do something. It's great!

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores said...

Thank you for sharing this story. Shared this with the team, and we all got a much appreciated laugh this morning.

I've heard of knitting and crochet used as therapy - physical AND emotional. Most forms of fiber and needle arts can have a calming effect to help reduce stress. And who couldn't use a little less stress these days? :)

Jackie said...

I've never heard of knitting or crocheting as physical therapy! Love it!