Thursday, October 07, 2010

Invasion Of The Pugs

Now that I am feeling so much better, I got to work and did several more pugs today.  I need 12 and need a couple more.  There are two pugs that I think will get tossed out, the one with the blue blanket and the one with the brown muzzle.  They just aren't looking right.  If you vote for them to stay in, let me know.  I'll redo the one with the brown muzzle by taking the brown fabric off.

Here's a closer view:

They still need noses and I'm debating on the paws.  I still need to either satin stitch or just stitch just inside the pieces for security.  My Horizon will satin stitch very fast but I'm not that in love with how it looks.  The Topaz does a stunning satin stitch but it goes much slower.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


Nessy said...

I like a lot your pugs.

Vivian said...

I rather like the two with the extra different bits, adds a little something extra to the grouping.

ack said...

keep em. IMO they stand out from the 2 color pugs.