Friday, October 22, 2010

Taking A Break

Sigh.  I put my back out big time yesterday.  I think walking DS up to the doc on Tues and walking 2 miles down to the car dealer was the last straw on my back.  I don't know when I'll be posting.  Just sitting here is almost agony.

The good part about this?  DH got us a 2nd vehicle last night so I won't have to walk around town.  It won't be ready for a week or so, but I feel SO much better after last night.  DH is quite smug with himself since he got what he wanted.

Crawling back onto the couch with an ice pack now.  I wish docs could just fix my back.


Karla Hartzog said...

'Hope you're up and back at that gorgeous pug quilt again, soon. I saw Dr. Oz do a seated stretch for pack pain relief a couple of weeks ago. 'Tried it last night and feel sooo much better today. 'Coulda' just been the Aleve but I don't think so. I'll try to find a link.