Friday, October 01, 2010

My Early Birthday Present

DH and my birthday are only a couple of days apart so we celebrate them together.  We went to Omaha had lunch and then hit our usual hangout, Best Buy.  He drools over the Blu-rays and I check out the gadgets.

I was really hoping my next "gadget" would be a dryer but DH doesn't get that the dryer shouldn't take 3 cycles to dry something.  He's just fine with doing laundry this way.  Yes, he does the laundry.  He only does it because I forget about it..cause the DRYER doesn't dry.

I don't even need a fancy dryer like the side loading kind.  I found one for a reasonable price but DH said we didn't need one.  Maybe I should accidentally break the dryer to point where he can't get it fixed.  It's only 10+ years old and has had parts replaced several times over the years.  I love DH dearly, but if he's happy doing a couple of loads of laundry that take all day to do, so be it.

My b-day gadget is a Bamboo pen and touch tablet.  It uses both a stylus and your fingers to scroll through pages and do items.  My last Bamboo tablet used a mouse and a stylus but it wasn't always that responsive.  I love the stylus on this tablet.  I'm still getting used to using my fingers like a mouse but it's getting easier.

On to quilting:

I despise Steam-a-seam 2 light.  It doesn't stay on the paper and makes a huge mess as it sticks to itself like Saran Wrap.  I'm cursed because all the LQS carry it and not the regular Steam-a-Seam or the Steam-a-Seam 2.  Everyone loves this stuff but me.

I've tried pinning it to the paper, cutting down the roll, I've even tried pressing it back on with an applique sheet.

I may have to order it from another site.  I found I could get an entire 25 yard roll of it for 119 at  I could use a 40% off coupon for that right?  

If you know how to use Steam-a-Seam 2 lite without going stark raving mad, let me know.          


onlymehere said...

I haven't tried the lite 2 but use the regular stuff so I'm no help here. My dryer actually is very sick (I think it needs a new roller) and the repairman is coming out Monday to fix it. It's almost $70.00 just to get them to my house! Guess that's what I get for living in the country. I've been drying my clothes over things in the family room and front room and my teenage daughter is mortified. I told her that in life you do what you have to do and who cares what others think! She just needs to learn not to open the door when someone rings the bell until after Monday, lol! Hope you talk him into a new dryer soon and that you can get some better Steam-A-Seam that works for you.

Leslie said...

Yes! about Steam a Seam 2 lite! I had the dickens of a time with it when making the stained glass mermaid. I wondered, who thought up this concept?! Fortunately I ran out and had to buy more and found Steam a Seam 2 is paper backed on both sides, now that's the way to go. :)

Ann said...

If your dryer is taking that long to dry, there is likely a dangerous buildup of lint in and around the workings or in the vent tubing. Tell your husband if he won't get you a new dryer, then the current one needs to be cleaned out well. Go to and look in her shop. She has the most inexpensive dryer cleaning kit. It's about $20-25. no affiliation. Even if you don't buy it, do some checking around your dryer. Lint is very flammable!

ytsmom said...

Drying things for 2 or 3 times as should be necessary is costing you 2 or 3 times more for the elec or gas. Maybe that would convince him!