Friday, October 15, 2010

"Quilt In A Day" Flying Geese Rulers

I picked these templates up a couple of weeks on some recommendations.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I love that they are accurate.  I hate that I spend forever trimming the blocks down.

She has you make the fabric larger sewing two squares, cut in half, rearrange them and cut them again..or something like that.  Here's what the templates look like and the finished block before you trim them down.  Can you see where this would take forever?  

Here's a pic with the ruler in place and then you trim everything down:
I think I'll try the old fashioned version and see how that goes.  My hands ache from trimming today.

Here's what I have done today despite all the trimming.  I'm beginning to think it really needs sashing to break up the blocks so your eyes don't get lost.

I don't know if I'm done for the evening.  I just know I need a break.


ytsmom said...

Can you possibly trim down just the pug blocks, and put a dark brown sash around them??