Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Vintage Sewing Machine

I know nothing of treadle machines but I bought one today from the hardware shop I was at yesterday.  I know it's a "no brand" machine and probably not worth anything but fell in love with the scrollwork.  Who'd have thought finding mold under your kitchen sink can lead to good things..LOL.

If you know anything about treadle machines, I would love some information.  I have dates on the back in the metal engraved as patented Oct 6 1891 to Jan 12 1909.  It's in perfect condition if it's truly made circa 1909.  Everything moves smoothly and evenly.  It looks like it hadn't had much use and/or very well taken care of.

*After doing some internet searching, it appears to be made by the Monarch Sewing Machine company.  There isn't alot of information out there but if I understand it right, it's probably built after WWII in Japan circa 1950's.  It's a copied/knock off version of the Singer 15? and uses the same shuttles and feet*

The shuttle runs back and forth vertically if that is important.  It didn't come with a stand or any other parts.  If it's an off brand, finding parts like the shuttle would prove difficult.

Here are some pictures for identification if you are knowledgable enough to know these things.


onlymehere said...

Talk to Bonnie at bz I swear she knows everything about old machines. If she doesn't know I remember awhile back she talked about a guy who knew absolutely everything about old machines! Good luck!
P.S. I wish I knew something to help you out.

Rhonda said...

What a cool machine. I'll bet you'll be really happy with it!

Dorothy in Oz said...

Hi - lovely machine. This is called a machine head - the stand is called the treadle. Best place to start looking is Ask on the list and you will be answered quite quickly. I don't know enough to tell you who made it, but someone else will know.