Monday, October 25, 2010

Making Decisions

You know your day is going better when you can:

*get out of bed by yourself and it didn't take you 5 minutes to do it

*get dressed with some difficulty but manage

*only need one wall to use for support as you walk

I was hoping to have Tracy's quilt done and it won't happen for some time now.  Does anyone know if long arm quilters can baste a quilt?  Is there a setting on the computerized ones for this?  There is NO way I can baste this quilt on my living room floor.  Even if I put a couple of tables together, I don't think I could do it that way either.

I may even have to have it sent out for quilting and that scares the daylights out of me.  I've heard horror stories about some quilts being ruined this way.  Given that it's closer to Christmas, they are probably backed up anyway.

All I was going to do was a SITD around all the squares, go around the dogs, outline the stars, do a design in the plain squares and maybe feathers in the border.  Or FMQ dog footprints.  If I just quilt the borders in straight lines, I may be able to pull it off.  

I'm not panicking, just frustrated. 


Trish said...

Yes, longarm quilters can baste your quilt for you. Check out this website, you can send her an email and see if she does basting.

Linda said...

Got to Patsy Thompson's website ( and check out her free videos (under the education tab). She talks about spray quilting the quilt ON HER WALL!! I can hardly wait to try it. I am a convert to spray glue so doing it on the wall is the only new technique for me. No more bending over to the floor, no more hauling tables to spray baste. I'm hoping this works as well for me as it does for her! (I don't have anything soft to pin my quilt sandwich to on the wall, but I do have dull needles I can put right into the wall!) Hope something like this works for you.
Lurking Linda