Sunday, October 17, 2010

Woo Hoo! Almost Ready!

The buttons look gorgeous!  I love these brown ones I found in a small shop.  She has all kinds of odds and ends you can't find in major chain stores.  I may have to raid her store again this week if I can thumb a ride.

Not all of the dogs are done.  I have a couple that I can't decide on the eyes and some that I now realize need more satin stitching.  One still needs brown shadows for his eyes.  I need 3 more star blocks.

I finally came up with a layout that still needs sashing cut and sewn on:

I didn't catch the bottom of the quilt, but I really like the stars and the pugs like this.  Of course Bandit had to check it out.

Oh.  You know your cat is protective when he sits like this on your machine and refuses to get out without a struggle:



bettyp said...

The Pugs are really coming to life now with the button eyes!! Your cat is too cute!!

JuJu said...

I read your blog about every day ... enjoy seeing your quilts come alive! This pug quilt is so cool! You are very talented! Your cat is too funny, sitting there on the blocks! Happy stitching!

Renee said...

Love the pugs, but I think Bandit is making a statement. He says this is Feline territory... Canines beware!