Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bike Fit!

I had another professional fitting for my bikes last week.  Another?  Well, after putting my Madone on a trainer for an hour, everything just started aching.  Something was off and made an appt for a new fitting from another LBS.

After taking several measurements of inseam, thigh length, torso length, arm length, shoulder width, hand size and foot length, he put them in the computer and bam..out comes a picture of how my bike should be set up.  Neato.

He starts fiddling with the magic numbers and sets up my bike.  He raised the saddle up, made it level and moved it closer to the bike.  He dropped the handlebars down a level, and tweaked some more.  He said I might need my cranks smaller but that would be a huge expense and said to wait and see how the bike fits as you use it.

It's AMAZING what a couple of tweaks can do.  It's like getting the tension exactly where you want it for FMQ and the perfect satin stitch.

Of course he does this and the weather turns nasty.  Maybe it's a good time to try out my cold weather clothing?

Here's my bike now.  The changes are small but wonderful:

He also raised the seat post and leveled my saddle for my mountain bike:

Best 45 bucks I've ever spent!