Monday, August 13, 2012

Decisions and More Decisions

*Sniff*  I put my mountain bike up on Craigslist this evening.  I don't have the means to drive up 80 miles to a trail and I refuse to ride by myself after my accident.  Now that school is starting in a few days I've lost my teenage riding partner as well.  It breaks my heart, but it's been sitting in the garage most of the summer and needs a home where she can be ridden.  I've consoled myself in that I still have my Mukluk and Fargo.  Those are going to be buried with me when I die.

I've thought about selling my Topaz 30 since I don't use it as well.  Retail for the Topaz is around 3500 when I talked to my dealer.  I won't admit what I paid for it several years ago.  Dealer said UPS would pack it and said there was a UPS place nearby.  I'm still leery of putting stuff on Ebay though hence not sure what to do.

I'm still not sure what do about "Mimi's Bloomers" block sizes.  Turns out I had purchased the center pattern some time ago.  I should probably cut freezer paper blocks/setting triangles and center panel to see how it fits.  Duh..that might be a brilliant idea for sizing any kind of BOM.  If I get it done, I'll post a pic for a layout.

I also emailed the mountain bike forum I visit and asked to take off my account.  One of the "aspects" of the site is that you can give "rep" points, either negative or positive.  Only problem with that system is when you get anonymous childish reps like "whiny rep ho" over and over.  It's like being back in high school with anonymous boys who think they are men.  Geesh.  I don't even use the rep system so go figure.  When DH saw the posts, he was so mad he asked I leave the site.

I took out my stitches today.  No point in paying a doc 20 bucks for something I can just do myself.  Turns out the doc put one stitch way to tight so that when I flexed my hand that stitch would pull the wound open or dig into the skin.  My hand feels SO much better after taking out the stitches.

Lots of decisions made today.


Quiltingranny said...

So sorry you are going through so much Bethany. Sending good thoughts your way!